Bulletin 1

Organizing body:  Czech Orienteering Federation
Organizing club:  OOS TJ Spartak Vrchlabí
Date:             Saturday - June 2nd, 2007  
Event centre      On meadow in eastern part of Mostek, in direction 
                   to Souvrať, Dvůr Králové
Classes:          P3, P5, HDR, H10C, H12C, H14B, H16A, 
                  H16B, H18A, H18B, H20A, H20B, H21E, H21A, 
                  H21B, H21C, H35B, H35C, H40B, H40C, H45B, 
                  H45C, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B, H70B, H75B
                  D10C, D12C, D14B, D16A, D16B, D18A, D18B, 
                  D20A, D20B, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35B, 
                  D35C, D40B, D40C, D45B, D45C, D50B, D55B, 
                  D60B, D65B
Punching system:  SPORTIdent (rental fee 1,5 €)
Entry fee:        9 € for all classes
Start 00:         12 a.m.
Entries:          Send to ruda.kutlvasr@centrum.cz
                  May 11th, 2007 – valid after the receipt of reply, 
                  late entries will be charged a double fee
                  ENTRY FORM
Payments:         At registration
Registration:     At the event centre on 2nd June, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. 
Map:              Scale 1:15 000, Master categories will have 1:10 000 
                  scale map, contour interval 5m, prepared 
                  in spring 2007, waterproof, according to ISOM 
                  specification, main mapper: Vlastimil Polák
Terrain:          All types of terrain – more or less broken 
                  with various contour details and also flat areas, 
                  in some parts rocks, stones and stony slopes. 
                  Forest is mostly coniferous a provides very 
                  good running. Area at the altitude of 340 - 520 m. 
Protests:         In written form to chief referee 
                  with a fee of 200 CZK (no fee for D, H21E) 
Distances:        Parking – centre up to 500m, 
                  centre – finish 0m, 
                  centre – start up to 3000m
Accommodation:    Hard floor - 1,5 €/person/night, 
                  possible also Fri/Sat – provided by SJC club 
                  (organising Sun event). Other types of 
                  accommodation (cabins, pensions, 
                  hotels - available in the event centre 
                  surroundings) can be found under following 
Kindergarten:     Will be available during the event for children 
                  younger than 10 years
Information:      Available on the event website 
Course setter:    Vlastimil Polák R2 
Event director:   Pavel Wohanka
IOF Event Advisor:Vladimír Mikan
Chief referee:    Ladislav Hrubý R1

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